Don’t Get Fried by That Flat Iron!

How to Flat Iron Hair
Hair by Stella Luca's Becki F.

With all the Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments taking place in Orlando, you might think that women are obsessed with long, straight hair. And you might just be right. Not everybody can afford the price of hair straightening, so those who can’t, rely on their flat irons.

While the flat iron is the fastest way to straighten hair, if used incorrectly it could also be the most damaging. It allows women who have super curly corkscrew curls or those with just wavy hair to get the stick-straight style that they want. The most common mistake is expecting the iron to straighten and smooth large sections of hair. Even if you use a professional iron that reaches temperatures up to 450 degrees, your iron is not designed to straighten thick sections of hair at a time.

So here are a some tips for you:

Start Clean

  • Wash your hair properly & towel dry.

Dry & Protect

  • Apply a thermal-serum to protect your hair from the heat. (Kerastase Nectar Thermique for dry hair or Chroma Thermique for colored hair)
  • Using a round brush to help ensure a straighter foundation, dry your hair completely, right from the roots to the tips. Even slight moisture can result in damaged hair and a damaged flat iron.
  • After you hair has been dried, lightly spray with an anti-humidity hair spray (Kerastase Double Force Control Ultime or Bumble & bumble Does It All). This will help eliminate any frizz, protect your hair & help maintain your style throughout the day.

Get Ready

  • Heat your flat iron.
  • Comb your hair properly and remove any tangles.
  • Divide your hair into four sections, two in the front and two in the back, and hold them together with hair clips.
  • Clip all of your hair up except a thin section of hair at the base of your neck.


  • Straighten sections of hair no more than 1 inch wide.
  • Draw thin sections of you hair through the flat iron slowly but always keep the iron moving! Never keep the flat iron in one place for too long. This can cause severe damage to the hair.
  • Be sure to straighten from the root of the hair to the tip.
  • Be gentle. The iron should not be gripping your hair.
  • If you prefer a flip at the ends, just bring the ends out as your bring the iron down then up as you finish the section.
  • Repeat the procedure with the other sections of your hair.
  • Comb hair smooth after each section of hair is straightened.


  • Try not to flat iron your hair every day.
  • Clean your iron when it is warm (not hot) with a damp paper towel or rubbing alcohol to prevent build up of hair product. Regular cleaning prolongs the life of iron plates.

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