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Curly hair?

Embrace your curls with a Deva Cut by DevaCurl.

You are not alone with your curls and waves and you are definitely not the only one who doesn’t know how to take care of them. 65% of women have natural curls and waves and it’s rare to find one who isn’t fighting them with a flat iron, blow dryer, hair tie, and a bathroom full of styling products.

If you are ready to embrace your curls, you are ready for a Deva Cut. With this technique, each curl is cut individually at an angle so as to not disrupt the curl pattern. From slightly wavy to corkscrew curls, the cut will encourage, enhance, and control your curls allowing you to enjoy every luscious twirling lock of the curls you will love so much.

Why is a Deva Cut so special?

Traditional hair cutting techniques were created for straight hair. The Deva cutting technique by DevaCurl is a revolutionary method for cutting curls, waves, and natural textures. Deva Cuts are customized to enhance your unique curl pattern.

The Deva Cut technique requires advanced training. Stylists are taught to cut the hair curl-by-curl, while dry (as it is worn). This technique allows the stylist to see the hair in its natural form and allows them to sculpt the hair to your lifestyle, personality and preferences. Your hair will be easier to maintain and style and you will finally love your curls.

It’s coming soon to Stella Luca’s Winter Park Village location!

It’s here now. Schedule your Deva Cut appointment with DevaCurl certified stylist Rebekah Preston today. Rebekah works at our Winter Park Village location and can be reached at 407-740-6711.

The full line of DevaCurl products will arrive tomorrow (Friday August 26th).

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