PULP RIOT Color 1st in Orlando

Pulp Riot Salon Orlando

Hair by Stella Luca Stylist Rebekah P. It’s here. We ripped that box open so fast. We’ve got it. All 16 colors. PULP RIOT. More vibrant Applies better for more consistent results Longer lasting Fades more “true-to-tone” 100% Vegan Ammonia free Cruelty free Powered by Quinoa Vivid to pastel color and everything in between #Mermaidhair to #Unicornhair Find a Pulp Riot stylist and learn more here.

Ombré Hair is Still Hot

Ombre Salon Orlando

Hair by Stella Luca’s Kiya W. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s sure to cool down soon. We’ll be down in the 80’s in no time! One trend sure to stay hot through the coldest Florida winter, is ombré color. A French word, “ombré” refers to the dark-to-light fade of color that is used in this technique. We saw a lot of clients going ombré in 2011 and it’s so easy to see why this look is going to stay popular for a while. Instead of color that starts at the roots, darker roots gradual blend into a lightened …

Don’t Get Fried by That Flat Iron!

How to Flat Iron Hair

Hair by Stella Luca’s Becki F.With all the Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments taking place in Orlando, you might think that women are obsessed with long, straight hair. And you might just be right. Not everybody can afford the price of hair straightening, so those who can’t, rely on their flat irons. While the flat iron is the fastest way to straighten hair, if used incorrectly it could also be the most damaging. It allows women who have super curly corkscrew curls or those with just wavy hair to get the stick-straight style that they want. The most common mistake …