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Balayage is not a color but an advanced color technique.

Balayage is the French word for “sweep”. Using this technique, you will see a seamless blend of colors.

When applying the color for a balayage, your stylist will sweep through small triangular sections onto a board, foil, paper, or cellophane to give the natural transition to the lighter color.

In balayage, there are lighter pieces on the ends to create dimension and a more natural look. This technique can look like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair or a brilliant bright blonde. The transition is more natural than a traditional highlight.

Many of our stylists have received advanced training in this technique and have received certifications in advanced balayage by Academy Ramirez Tran, Eva Scrivo, Shaw Academy, and Estelle Guenot.

Hair by Stella Luca

We Love Hair Color!

Our stylists spend a lot of their free time traveling to classes to bring the latest color trends and techniques back to Orlando.

It's not just the Orlando Magic Dancers who trust us for color that looks great on camera and in front of thousands of fans.

So many of our clients want the "lived-in hair color" look that inspires that #haircolorenvy. Balayage and ombre have become so popular that almost every one of our beautiful blondes, flawless brunettes, and fiery redheads are now getting some variation on the balayage and ombre hair painting techniques.

Hair color has evolved to the point where the traditional simple hair color process that most stylists know just can't give you the latest looks.

Whatever your desired result, our stylists are some of the best educated and most experienced in Orlando. We often find them working together and challenging each other to create new variations by sharing, combining, and expanding on these advanced techniques. It's almost every day that a stylist from another salon will ask one of ours to teach them the techniques that get our work regularly featured on the top Instagram pages.

Best Balayage Salon Orlando


A French technique that involves hand-painting highlights to create dimension and movement in the hair. Perfect if you want softer, more natural -looking color with less upkeep. Hair by Stella Luca.

Best Hair Color Salon Winter Park

Color Melt

The bridge between Balayage and Ombre - a graduation of three or more shades. It's excellent if you like having brighter shades around your face but you don't want the maintenance of highlights or the contrast of traditional Ombre. Hair by Stella Luca's Megan G.

Lived-In Color Orlando

Lived-In Color

The subtle, versatile, and beachy sun-kissed hair color technique called “Lived-in Color” developed by A-List celebrity stylists Ramirez-Tran. Five of our stylists were among the first in the US certified on this technique. Hair by Stella Luca.

Ombre Hair Salon Orlando


A technique where colors are graduated from light to dark. Ombre can be done with natural or vivid colors. Great if you have shoulder-length or longer hair and you're looking for something outside the realm of traditional highlights. Hair by Stella Luca.

Sombre Hair Orlando


Sombre is a softer, more natural version of Ombre coloring. It's perfect if you've never colored your hair before or you'd like something natural and low-maintenance. Hair by Stella Luca's Kristin L.

Pulp Riot & Pravana Vivids Orlando

Pulp Riot & Pravana Vivids Color

As Orlando's first Pulp Riot salon, our stylists can create any color you can imagine. Pulp Riot and Pravana Vivids are the very best color lines available for everything from rainbow-brights to mermaids and unicorn pastels. Hair by Stella Luca's Jessica C.

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Hair Color Frequently Asked Questions

The Latest Trends

It’s a great time to be a hair stylist right now. There are two really hot trends that look like they will be around for quite a while. Most of our clients want the natural lived-in color look that is achieved through balayage. Blonde balayage is especially popular. Vivid color (rainbows, unicorns, & mermaids) is the other big trend that is just getting more and more exciting with the introduction of Pulp Riot.

What is balayage?
Balayage is an advanced hair painting technique. It is used to create a natural lived-in look. It can be used to create beautiful blonde, red, or brunette color.

The Product

What brands of color do your stylists use?
When your staff includes Redken Master Colorists, Paul Mitchell National Educators, Internationally trained Wella Master Stylists, some of the first stylists in Orlando certified on Chromatics, the first in Orlando to work with Pulp Riot, and certified advanced colorists who have years of experience with so many other lines; it’s best to allow them to select the lines they love the most. On our individual stylist menus, we list their main color lines. We also take requests and can formulate almost any other line if you have a strong preference.

What are bond builders?
Smooth hair texture is what gives you shine, reduced frizz, and vibrant color. Bond builders like B3 and Olaplex work to improve the texture of the hair as it is being lightened.

Your Hair

Do I need a consultation?
Maybe. If you are looking for a dramatic change, vivid colors, or you want us to correct the work of another salon or a box of color from Sally (we know, it sounded like a good idea at the time), it is best to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our stylists. Most other clients are fine without a consultation and we do allow extra time with new clients to be certain we can give you your desired result.

Can I have my hair colored if I have extensions?
Yes, a professional colorist will have no problem maintaining your hair color. If you decide you want a color change, you will most likely have to replace your extensions as it will be almost impossible to get them to match the new color of your natural hair.

My hair is dark. Can I go blonde?
Yes. Your dream color can almost always be achieved but it can’t always be done in one or two visits. Nobody ever asks to be a “dry damaged blonde” so getting the color right would simply not matter if the health of your hair is compromised during the process. Our stylists will look at your existing color, your color history (natural color is a better starting point), your hair’s health and strength, and your willingness to commit to the process and use the correct aftercare products.

Can I color my hair while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Many women do. The limited amount of research available suggests that the chemicals in hair color are not highly toxic and are safe during pregnancy. It has been shown that hair color is not easily absorbed by the skin and that little is passed to the bloodstream. The chances of reaching the baby or being passed in breast milk are minimal. One great option to reduce the amount of chemicals on your scalp would be to have your stylists apply highlights. That said, it is best to consult with your physician.

How often do I have to color my hair to cover gray?
Your hair grows about ½ inch per month so, with permanent hair color, we typically see clients return about every 4-6 weeks. If you are just starting to gray, semi-permanent color, which will rinse out over the course of 4-6 weeks, is a great choice as you will be able to recolor less often.

The Service

Will “bleach” used to create highlights damage my hair?
If your hair is in good condition to begin with, it will not. While there are still many stylists using lighteners that contain caustic ammonia, ours have all switched to the latest gentle ammonia-free brands. When used properly, a top-quality lightener will not damage your hair.

Is there anything I can do to improve the condition of my hair while I lighten?
Yes! Your stylist can add a bond builder to the lightener to improve both strength and texture while you lighten. Smooth texture is what gives you shine and radiance. It reflects light like a freshly waxed car. That’s why damaged hair looks dull and dry. Another major benefit to smooth texture is frizz reduction which we can always use in Orlando. Our favorite bond builders by far are B3 and Olaplex. This option usually costs around 20 or 30 dollars more but can make a dramatic difference.

Can I get highlights without lightener?
If you have not previously colored your hair, highlights can be done with high lift hair color. The results are more subtle.

What is a color glaze/gloss?
A glaze is a demi-permanent clear (or very minimally tinted) layer applied over your existing color. A glaze is used to add shine, give a more vibrant look, and help protect your color. As long as you use top quality shampoo, conditioner, and thermal/styling products, a glaze typically lasts about 4 weeks. Glazes are free of ammonia and peroxide so they are gentle on your hair and your hair color.

What is a toner?
When you want to go lighter by two shades or more, your stylist will “double process” your hair. The first step is to lighten your hair which will leave unwanted yellow or orange tones. A toner is then used to counteract these unwanted tones and give your desired end color. Violet toner, for example, is used to reduce yellow tones. Toners are used for all-over blondes and highlights and are gentle and ammonia-free. To maintain your color properly, your stylist will often recommend the at-home use of a toning shampoo which contains violet pigment. Our favorite is Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color. Unlike most violet shampoos, it is designed to be used every day and can even be mixed with your regular shampoo. Some stylists will call a toner a glaze.

Can I tone dark hair?
Brunette hair is toned through the use of demi-permanent (ammonia free) color.


How should I take care of my color between salon visit?
Hair color is an investment. Without the proper aftercare, even the best color will start to look dull, dry, or even brassy as the color is stripped. If you want to keep the shine, radiance, and color tones, you will want to use the proper aftercare products. The best shampoos and conditioners are not only gentle on your hair color, they also help repair your hair and restore moisture. Styling products should not be overlooked. Top quality styling products typically provide heat protection and color protection to enhance the overall health and look of your hair. Each person will have different needs and your stylist can help select the best products to keep your hair looking great.