Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment

Keratin Complex Treatment Orlando

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable?  Softer?  Smoother?  Had more shine?  Brazilian Keratin Treatments are your answer.

This revolutionary smoothing system eliminates up to 95% percent of frizz, leaving your hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.

Brazilian Keratin treatments rejuvenate and revitalize your hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel that everyone raves about. If done at the same time, they also help to seal in your color so it lasts longer.

The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment, the build-up of Keratin makes the hair:

  • Smoother and Silkier
  • Straighter and Shinier
  • Easier and Faster to blow-dry
  • Resistant to the effects of humidity

Brazilian Keratin treatments are gentle enough to use on ALL hair types: color treated, chemically processed, bleached or highlighted.

At Stella Luca Salons Winter Park, you will find several Brazilian Keratin certified stylists. Many of our stylists have been performing hair smoothing services since they were available in the US in 2007.

Many of our stylists use the Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment.  As the first OSHA compliant Keratin treatment brand,  Coppola is widely considered to be the top brand in the industry for effectiveness. Answers to the most frequently asked questions are reviewed below.

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Brazilian Smoothing Treatments Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a consultation?
No, Brazilian Keratins are appropriate for every hair type. Of course, if you prefer to have a consultation, one of the stylists at either of our 2 Winter Park locations will be happy to analyze your hair and make sure all of your questions are answered. Alternately, we are available to answer questions regarding this treatment over the phone.


Is a Brazilian Keratin suitable for me?
Brazilian Keratins are perfect for almost everyone regardless of hair type. It recommended that you not have any perms, relaxers, or straighteners within the 2 weeks prior to your Brazilian Keratin treatment. Other than that, the only exceptions would be for pregnant women, nursing mothers, or persons with very high sensitivity to chemicals (as with other salon services like color or perms).


How long will it take?
This depends on certain factors, which include hair length, type, and texture. It also is determined by the brand of treatment you receive. Typically, a Keratin treatment will require about 2 to 3 hours.


What aftercare is involved with this process?
For Coppola Keratin Complex Treatments, the main aftercare is the fact that you can’t wash or get your hair wet for 3 days after having the treatment applied. We also advise against exercise and other activity that may cause your scalp to sweat. It is further required that you don’t tie your locks back or put anything in them, which includes products. After the 3 day waiting period, the use of support shampoos and conditioners is required; Sodium-Chloride Free for regular hair and Sodium-Chloride / Sulfate Free for color treated hair.


What type of shampoo/conditioner should I use?
We highly recommend Oribe shampoos and conditioners. Their entire line is sodium chloride free and excellent at nourishing and protecting your hair. Other good options are Bumble & bumble Straight, Quenching, or Mending or the companion line of shampoo and conditioner, by Keratin Complex, to protect your straightener so it lasts as long as it should.


How easy will my hair be to handle after having this process done?
After having the process done all you will need to do when you wash your hair is a quick blow dry style; that’s pretty much it! You will spend less time than you normally spend in your quest to achieve straight hair. Once dry, you are ready to face the Orlando humidity and, if you do get caught in some rain, you won’t end up with frizz.


Will I lose all my curl?
A lot depends on the current condition of your hair. Brazilian Keratins are designed to smooth your hair and remove frizz. It would generally be safe to expect at least a 50% reduction in your curl with a Brazilian Keratin. If you want to keep some curl, make sure to tell your stylist. They will adjust their ironing technique to give the desired result. If you start with a lot of curl and you prefer straight hair, you may still end up with some curl or waves if you just let your hair dry naturally. Either way, you will see a dramatic reduction in flat iron time.


How often does the treatment need to be applied?
Brazilian Keratin treatments typically last between 3 to 4 months depending on your hair type and your follow-up care. Over time the effects will slowly diminish and your hair will return to a natural state. The treatment can be re-done as often as you like.


Will this damage my hair?
NO! Brazilian Keratin Treatments will IMPROVE the condition of your hair and protect your hair from humidity and pollutants. The only possible damage could be from a stylist who applied too much heat. Our stylists are properly trained and certified to be sure that they stay well within the recommended heat range.


How long does my hair need to be?
Your hair should be at least 4-5 inches long before it can be considered for a Brazilian Keratin.


Can I treat my hair the same as before?
For most people, it is easier to care for your hair after a Brazilian Keratin treatment. You will spend less time getting ready and will achieve a better, frizz-free result that will last throughout the day. The correct brushes, cleansing and styling products will be recommended. It is important to follow the recommendations made by your stylist to get the most out of the application. This will be explained during your treatment.


Can I swim in a pool and go to the beach?
Regularly swimming in salt water or a salt chlorinated pool will reduce the life of your treatment. In moderation, it is fine but we strongly recommend the use of a product to protect your hair and extend the life of your treatment. Soleil Aqua-Seal by Kerastase is the best we’ve found. After your initial 3 day waiting period (Coppola Keratin Complex), you should always use the proper hair care products and methods to keep your hair clean and healthy. Your stylist will discuss this during your treatment.


Can I have my hair colored after a Brazilian Keratin treatment?
You can have your color done before your treatment and the Keratin will help seal in your color so it lasts longer! If you prefer to have it done after your treatment, it is recommended that you wait 2 weeks for a color application.


Can I have this service with hair extensions?
Yes, human hair extensions respond the same as regular hair. Many of our stylists have extensive experience with extensions and some are even educators for some of the extension companies. If you are getting extensions at the same time, they can often be treated with a Brazilian Keratin before they are attached. This will save you time and will often provide a better overall result.


Can this be done on African American or Hispanic Hair?
Yes, ethic hair generally responds very well to this service. If you prefer a natural look with soft, smooth, shiny hair; a Brazilian Keratin may be the right choice for you.


How much does it cost?
Brazilian Keratin treatments start from under $200. Many of our stylists offer new client specials on this service. Contact either of our 2 Winter Park salon locations for current pricing and offers.


Is it okay to breath the vapors released by this product?
Many popular “Brazilian” products, despite false manufacturers claims, do contain chemicals that may be detrimental to your health in certain amounts.  Coppola was the first major company to receive OSHA compliance.  This indicates that the product produces formaldehyde at an allowable level if used properly according to manufacturer instruction.  Air tests in our salon have confirmed that we are between 85% to 96% BELOW the permissible formaldehyde levels during a Coppola Keratin treatment. While we recommend you consider alternative treatments which are formaldehyde free, we recognize that many clients prefer the formaldehyde based treatments and we do still offer them.  You can review the Material Safety Data Sheet for the Coppola Keratin Treatment here.

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Should you choose to have a Brazilian keratin, you should note that, as with most salon products (color, bleach, etc.), some people are more sensitive than others. Our experience has shown that a well-trained stylist is the most critical factor in maintaining client comfort. Product application technique, along with the use of the proper amount of product and heat, make all the difference. There will always be people, in any industry, who take shortcuts. Stella Luca Salon Winter Park stylists, however, are some of the most experienced, professional hair stylists in Orlando.


To further be sure we maintain a comfortable environment, we invested in 2 indoor medical-grade air cleaners for our stylists to use during treatments. The purifiers we selected are movable to be positioned to capture and clean air at the source. Each purifier has 24 lbs. of custom blended carbon designed specifically to ABSORB and REMOVE salon chemicals from the air (including benzene & formaldehyde). In addition to the carbon, each unit contains a HEPA filter, an anti-microbial filter and a dust filter. While there are many units that boost of carbon filtration, they typically only have a bit of carbon sprinkled onto a paper filter. Ours are designed by a company that makes multi-thousand dollar purifiers to provide healthy, clean air in chemical processing plants, plastic factories, hospitals, and other industrial environments. With over 4.7 square miles of absorbent surface, there is NO other portable filter with as much effective carbon. This was a costly investment and we are sure you will not find another salon in Orlando with this equipment.  While they do not remove all of the chemicals from the air, they have been shown to be effective at cutting down exposure significantly.


Further, we have added fresh air intakes to our air conditioning systems at both of our salons and we have our air conditioning systems set to circulate air in the styling areas of the salon 100% of the time during regular business hours. We also work to be sure we do not complete too many treatments in a single day or too many at once. Demand is high for this product but we want to be sure all of our clients and stylists are comfortable.


Yuko Japanese Straightening or a Keratin Treatment – Which One is Right for Me?

Both products work well to provide their intended result. Both treatments need to be done at the hands of a skilled stylist. But which one is right for ME? That really depends on the result you want. We’ve given you a quick comparison below to help you select. If you are still unsure after you read through, Stella Luca stylists have been working with these products for a long time and they can review the benefits and limitations of each. Either way, rest assured that our stylists have more combined experience than any other salon in WIinter Park or Orlando when it comes to hair straightening.


Keratin Treatment:
PROS: It will fade away gradually, meaning that it will eventually leave you with your original natural hair once more. There is no new growth to retouch or growing out stage if you decide not to maintain the look. It takes less salon time and generally costs less than the Yuko system. It leaves the hair with more body than the Yuko (because it does not remove all of the curl) and it can be used on dyed, bleached, heavily highlighted hair. It’s perfect for the client who is mainly looking to add shine, fight frizz, and tame overly curly hair. Hair can be worn straight or with curls. It eliminates 95% of frizz while it maintains a smooth yet silky feel.


CONS: It’s temporary. The effect doesn’t last as long as Yuko; about two to four months. It will not perfectly straighten the hair. Keratin usually removes 50% of the curl in your hair. Depending on how curly your hair is to begin with, you may still have to flat iron or use a blow dryer to straighten out the remainder of the waves or curls.


Yuko Japanese Straightening:
PROS: It lasts forever, meaning you won’t see any curl or frizz until new hair grows in. Yuko will deliver beautiful, shiny, smooth, frizz-free board-straight hair as it improves the overall health of your locks. Removing almost 100% of the curl from your hair, Yuko can provide much more dramatic results. Clients who have had a lifelong hatred for their unruly, curly hair have literally cried with joy after they saw the end result. Although you will see regrowth in 5 to 6 months, you will appreciate only having to manage the new growth during your morning routine. The treated section of your hair will remain smooth.


CONS: It is permanent. As new hair grows in, your new growth will look as it did before your Yuko. To manage this, you will need to have your hair redone in about 6 to 12 months or you will need to flat iron your roots. Alternately, you could reverse the Yuko and add curl back to the treated section.


So which one is better, Yuko or Keratin? It really depends on the result you desire and your lifestyle. If you still have questions regarding either Yuko Japanese straighteners or Brazilian Keratin treatments, just call to schedule a consultation with one of the stylists at either of our Stella Luca Salons in Winter Park.